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Inedge System Services deals in Big data and data mining services such as...

1) Analyzing network data to predict failure
2) News discourse analytics
3) Healthcare research on health reports of patients to plan doctor visits. (includes analyzing blood reports and other tests of hospitals)
4) Healthcare fraud detection- (Analyzing fraud by doctors of hospitals) 
5) Entertainment industry-

* Analyzing movie scripts , screenplays with past screenplays, scripts recommending changes.

* Movie promotions and management by social media monitoring of trailers, songs

6) Security Threat analysis using CCTV footage of corporations, city infrastructure, institutions applying motion detection techniques of captured video and put the data on hadoop clusters.
7) Market Research Industry using Big data-, IMRB, Combine traditional  Market research text ( interviews and group discussions) with social media data and then provide analytics/presentations on it.
8) Consumer complaints monitoring on social media and their solution



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