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Infrastructure Services : Remote Network Management
With emergence of larger and geographically dispersed enterprises delivering services through centralized resources the networks have grown in size and complexity. With various technologies that make up a network now days from edge devices in branches to Security systems in Data center, It is becoming difficult for organizations to have in house team of resources.

Management of networks becomes a Herculean with the team with redundant skills and prohibitive cost of ownership make it unattractive for organizations to have these services run through internal teams.
Organization over the years have realized that outsourcing network management services to experienced IT service provider has helped them to significant cost savings and business benefits. With InEdge strong network domain background and experience can help their customers to rollout and maintain their networks and increase productivity while reduce ownership costs through automated, tool based network management services. We provide network management services in following areas

* Tool based Network Monitoring
* Implementing And Maintaining Network Devices
* Project Rollouts(Branch)
* Creation and Maintenance of VLANs
* Implementing High Availability Solutions
* Securing Network Devices – Hardening
* IPS, IDS Configuration and Monitoring
* Log Monitoring Of Network Devices

Integrated Facility Management Services
Responsive and prompt facility management services, is key to end user productivity and ultimately the company profitability. It is key for ensuring the productivity and also maintaining and keeping IT assets productive. Our processes are ITIL based with an approach to deliver SLA based services to our clients.

* Centralized Ticketing and Help Desk
* Asset Management
* Remote Monitoring and Mgmt Services
* Policy Based Deployment Services
* Up to 24x7 Support Services (Based on Client Requirement)
* Operating System Support
* Patch Management
* AV Management
* Client Security
* LAN and WAN Networks
* Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Remote Services: Effective Remote Infrastructure Management
Flexible, contemporary and affordable way of delivering services now a day is through Remote management. We deploy and use suite of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services for our customers to monitor and manage the IT Infrastructure more efficiently and cost- effectively. We can deploy tool of our or even customers choice and run the services from safe and secure access controlled premises and deliver a hassle free 24 *7 Remote IT Infrastructure management.


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