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It used to be that Oracle Applications Development could be performed by an individual that knew a few tools and a little PL/SQL. With Release 11i/12, it is no longer just Forms and Reports. Oracle Apps developers not only need to be fluent with Developer 6i, they also have to be proficient in PL/SQL, Java, JSP, JDBC as well as other new languages and technologies to make the custom solutions work in the new, complex Oracle E-Business infrastructure.

Unfortunately, to be successful, knowledge of the new development tools is simply not enough. Experience and knowledge of developing these complex solutions within the Oracle Applications environment is critical to designing and developing high quality, accurate solutions that work the first time. Solution Beacon Applications Developers have extensive experience in AOL development, and combine their development skills with their Oracle Applications knowledge and experience to produce the best quality solutions to our clients.

Our skilled and knowledgeable Oracle Applications Developers can wade through the new challenges posed by the Oracle E-Business Suite. Their value does not end with the solutions they provide; they can show and train your staff how to continue to be successful as well.

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